Chocolate Cracker 巧克力脆脆~Apron

by Apron

Chocolate Cracker 巧克力脆脆~Apron


Chocolate Cracker 巧克力脆脆黑巧克力 dark chocolate 100g 8Tbsp奶油 butter 25g 2 Tbsp蛋白 egg whites 1糖 sugar 60g 8Tbsp盐 salt 1 4 tsp苏打粉 baking soda 1 2 tsp中筋面粉 plain flour 35g 3 Tbsp可可粉 cocoa powder 7g 1 Tbsp牛奶 milk 45g 3Tbsp香草精 vanilla extract 1 2 tsp巧克力豆 chocolate chips黑巧克力 dark chocolatePan size 35cm x 25cm 烤盘170度摄氏 烤 8 10分钟Bake at 170c for 8 10 minutes更多食谱 More Recipe请订阅Please subscribe Facebook page YouTube channel ApronYouTube channel Men Kitchen 男人煮艺 APRON Chocolate 巧克力



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