Flosstube 7 - My stitchy guest Kristie from Crosshatch Quilts!

by Lori Holt

Flosstube 7 - My stitchy guest Kristie from Crosshatch Quilts!


In this video I have invited a special guest my stitchy friend Kristie from Crosshatch Quilts is here and we are showing you all of the stitches that we have done together are currently doing together and are going to do together and also a few things things in between I hope you enjoy You can see more of what I do here Visit my etsy shop here Follow me on Instagram Instagram beelori1You can find my cross stitch patterns notions and cloth here Fabrics Notions designed by me Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet and produced by Riley Blake Designs Track Melody Of Happiness Igor Khainskyi Audio Library Release Music provided by Audio Library PlusTitle Melody Of Happiness by Igor KhainskyiGenre and Mood Country Folk HappyLicense royalty free music for YouTube Facebook and Instagram videos giving the appropriate credit



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