Oil Painting Tips & Techniques | Tree Frog | Lachri

by Lachri Fine Art

Oil Painting Tips & Techniques | Tree Frog | Lachri


See how to blend and layer oil paint to create a realistic looking red eyed tree frog and fireflies I m painting a grisaille underpainting then glazing color on top to make this painting even easier and to get smooth blending Supplies used amazon affiliate links The following are base sets to get started if you don t have oil paints at all Either set is a great start A channel for artists from a professional artist Get motivation art lessons art tips in painting in acrylics or oil paints drawing colored pencil graphite Inktense Art Marketing tips learn to sell your own work from Lisa of Lachri Fine Art I have videos that cover pricing your artwork what art supplies I recommend how to use Inktense pencils and blocks to paint how to paint in acrylics or oil paints how to draw realistic animals and more



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