15 Minutes Chicken Dinner

by Spice Bangla

15 Minutes Chicken Dinner


15 Minutes Chicken DinnerIn this fast moving era sometimes it is impossible to have proper lunches and dinners But food is a necessary part of life and a healthy diet is one of the first necessities of a living person Working women sometimes desperately need to relax and enjoy her delicious meal apart from running from breakfast to packing lunches and preparing dinners for the family The 15 minutes chicken dinner is one of the iconic and immediate dinners with less time of preparation Stir fries are the most loved dishes in Asia Europe and Japan The meals that are cooked on high flame have a delicious taste and crunch in it The 15 minute chicken dinner is a colorful and delightful stir fry dish with a tanginess of oyster sauce and saltiness of Soy sauce the perfect dinner for a chicken and veggies lover This chicken veggie stir fry is a power pack dinner as it is full of iron and vitamins You will love this dish and place it on the top of your menu Ingredients Full Recipe Music Get Social With us Website www spicebangla com



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