(240) Acrylic Fluid Painting Reverse Dip

by Art by Susan King

(240) Acrylic Fluid Painting Reverse Dip


Acrylic Fluid Painting Reverse DipSome Ingredients used in this video are toxicPlease wear a respirator for your safety and make sure there is good ventilation Ingredients may include any or all of the following Varnish Polyurethane Polycrylic Floetrol Resin Cooking TorchYou might also be interested in these videos of mineSee link Below MY SISTERSI am thankful for their support and encouragement They are artists and are always an inspiration to me and weare having the time of our lives We love what we do Please visit their Channels and enjoy Pouring Medium Flood Floetrol WaterNEW RECIPE Recipe 4 parts paint 1 part Pouring Medium or FloetrolIt should be real creamyThen add water till you get the right consistencyRuns in a stream off the stickAdd Silicone or Coconut Milk Serum or whatever you use if you want more cells Understand that I am in no way responsible for the way you use your paint and mediums You should be using a full face respirator Have a fire extinguisher at hand and a CO2 alarm nearby Make sure there is proper ventilation Be careful and use proper materials be safe Here is a link to my How to Tutorial for mixing paints and camera setupLeave me a comment if you have a question or any suggestions for a video artbysusanking Thank You for watching my videos I appreciate it Take CareSusan King



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