3D Knitted Nail Tutorial • Natasha Harton Nails • Christmas 2019

by Natasha Harton

3D Knitted Nail Tutorial • Natasha Harton Nails • Christmas 2019


Hi Guys Im back with another cozy wintery tutorial This is a 3D knitted nail using 3D gel for those wondering this may or may not be something we re working on at UD It can be a bit finicky but stick with it because the end result is super cute P R O D U C T S U S E D Ugly Duckling Gel Polish 139 Ugly Duckling Omni Tool Ugly Duckling No Wipe Topcoat Ugly Duckling Crystal Tip Display Clear Ugly Duckling LED Lamp L E T S B E S O C I A L instagram natashaharton snapchat natashaharton facebook Natasha does Nails B U S I N E S S P R I V A T E T R A I N I N G I N Q U I R I E S natasha uglyduckling gmail com I m a Master Educator for Ugly Duckling Nails Inc in beautiful Victoria British Columbia Canada Want more information on our full line of products Visit our website at www uglyducklingnails com



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