8 High Fashion Outfits for a week in Milan

by Inthefrow

8 High Fashion Outfits for a week in Milan


8 High Fashion Outfits for a week in MilanJoin me for a beautiful trip to Rome with Bulgari to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the B Zero1 collection and then it s onto Milan for some incredibly exciting fashion week shows and press days Armani Versace Fendi Tods and then a flight cancellation thrown into the mix too haha Hope you enjoy I receive a small of commission from anything bought via the affiliate links below It doesn t cost you any extra and is a little thank you to me for inspiring a possible purchase PR Gift PR Discount Used Previous PR Gift but RepurchasedAnything not marked with was purchased Lots of outfits in this vlog were kindly loaned because of MFWWhat I m Wearing Bulgari Bag Kindly loaned B Zero1 Necklace Kindly loaned B Zero1 Earrings Kindly loaned Serpenti Watch Kindly loaned Bulgari Belt Bag Kindly loaned Armani Outfit Kindly loaned Tods Shoes Kindly loaned Versace Outfit Kindly loaned Beauty Products Used Mentioned What Who Else is in The Vlog Find Me Thank you so much for watching and for the support you always give me it truly means the world to me Love you guys so much




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こんにちはまほです🌼 今回は初めての半顔メイクにチャレンジしてみました!安定に自分のビフォーアフターにはびっくりさせられます…でも初めてやってみてすごく楽しかったです😊💓 今回の動画もいいなと思ったらチャンネル登録と好評価よろしくお願い致します!!

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