Baby Scrapbook Album 02 | Babys First Year | | Lollalane

by Lollalane

Baby Scrapbook Album 02 | Babys First Year | | Lollalane


Growing up without the love and protection of a father remains to be one of my regrets During the dark days and I was much younger I wish for nothing but a father figure to protect my mom and I but my wish was never granted And the memory of him is fading and fading and I must say I could hardly remember his face now I remember I once told my husband when we were still dating you could be an average husband but I hope that you can be a great father to our children I am blessed our son is blessed because not only he becomes a great father he becomes a great husband too It is a beautiful journey to have him grow together and learn together with me Parenthood is not easy but I am not alone because of You And I created this spread to preserve the beautiful feelings and to tell Ollie how fortunate he is Below are the stationery I ve used in the video leave me a comment if I ve missed anything Scrapbook Product link Instgaram veesun_officialWax SealInstagram CraftmatesPrint On Stickers Instagram mu_lifestyleMasking Tapes MujiFrames Stamps Instagram Hanksdiary You may also reach me atInstagram LollalaneEmail lollalanejournal gmail com



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