Chocolate Royal - Trianon

by Home Cooking Adventure

Chocolate Royal - Trianon


Chocolate Royal Trianon a hazelnut and almond dacquoise topped with a crunchy praline covered in chocolate mousse and a cocoa mirror glaze What not to love about this Pretty easy recipe to prepare at home but very impressive in look and flavor To print the recipe check the full recipe on my blog Ingredients Makes about 10 servingsAlmond and hazelnut dacquoise1 3 cup 35g ground hazelnuts1 3 cup 35g ground almonds1 2 cup 60g powdered sugar2 large egg whites about 70g 2 tbsp 30g sugar1 1 2 tbsp 12g cornstarch1 4 tsp 1g saltPraline CrunchFor Praline Paste1 2 cup 50g whole hazelnuts1 2 cup 50g whole almonds1 3 cup 70g sugar1 tbsp 15ml water1 4 tsp 1g saltFor crunch1 cup 80g Paillete Feuilletine or corn flakes1 5 oz 45g milk chocolate meltedChocolate Mousse10 oz 300g semi sweet chocolate1 cup 240g whipping cream1 2 tbsp 5g gelatin powder2 tbsp 30ml cold water1 1 3 cup 320g whipping cream 35 fat chilledCocoa mirror glaze1 tbsp 1 2 tsp 12g gelatin powder1 4 cup 60 ml water1 cup 200g sugar1 2 cup 60g cocoa powder1 2 cup 120g whipping cream1 3 cup 80ml waterChocolate shards optional1 5 oz 45g semisweet chocolate0 5 oz 15g semisweet chocolate for temperingCaramel Shards1 4 cup 25g hazelnuts almonds toasted if desired and chopped1 4 cup 50g sugar1 tbsp 15ml waterBackground music Home by Rex Banner Millennial Uplifting Bangers Vol 2 ArtlistMiles of Ocean by Rex Banner Millennial Uplifting Bangers Vol 2 ArtlistPeaks and Valleys by Rex Banner Millennial Uplifting Bangers Vol 2 ArtlistThe Law of Attraction by Rex Banner Millennial Uplifting Bangers Vol 2 ArtlistYour Way Home by Low Light Summer Snow ArtlistFollow me



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