FORTNITE Cookies PART 2 ~ How to make Loot Llama, Supply Drop, V-Bucks & Fortnite Dance!

by Cookielicious NZ

FORTNITE Cookies PART 2 ~ How to make Loot Llama, Supply Drop, V-Bucks & Fortnite Dance!


Hey Sweet Peeps So as promised here is PART 2 of the Fortnite video tutorial The video will cover the following cookie designs Fortnite Llama Fortnite Dance 2 styles Fortnite Supply Box Fortnite V BucksPART 1 of FORTNITE Cookies video tutorial mainly cover the characters and how to make the Fortnite Logo The characters included are Durr Burger Beef Boss Black Knight Omega PLUS the FORTNITE LOGOI hope you enjoy this tutorial and stay tuned for more Easter video coming next week As usual if like this video please leave a thumbs up and I invite you to SUBSCRIBE to my channel as it is through your support that I will able to make more videos THANK YOU SO MUCH Subscribe Likes Share Enjoy Turn on the Notification bell to stay updated Channel Membership support the creator you love on a monthly basis This is now available for my channel thank you so much in advance for your love support If you love my tutorials and want to show your support as well as wanting to see more from me please consider buying me a cup of coffee It will go a loooongggg way in getting me thru the a long series of decorating sessions and all the late nights video editing sessions Thank you so much in advance and it will truly means a lot to me All my cookies decorated with Royal icing so if you are NEW to cookie decorating these video tutorials will help you in your cookie decorating journey Here are some information on the cookie tools that I used in this video Plaque cutter for Fortnite dance cookie Starburst Stencil Fortnite Dance Stencil 1 Fortnite Dance Stencil 2 Fortnite Dance Stencil SET for both 1 2 Loot Llama Cookie cutter Supply Drop Box Cookie Cutter V Bucks cookie cutter I just use a simple round cutter part of this set Scribe tool from Scribes by Vivid SisterPink Stencil Frame Holder Stencil Genie to hold the stencil in place Sugar Smoother to scrape the icing when using stencil Foodoodler Fine tip edible pens Piping Tip 101 to create the ruffles on the llama PME tip 1 5 Or you can get a writing set which comes in handy like this one PME Writing Tip Set of 3 Tip 1 1 5 2 Tipless piping bag Clear blank plastic stencil to make your own templates White non slip matt to put on top of the cookie swivel to prevent cookies from sliding around Cookie Swivel Turntable from LC Sweets OR Follow me on Instagram Facebook Visit my website for ideas inspiration recipes and tutorials Note Some of the links above are affiliate links which means that if you click on the link and purchase the item I will receive a very small commission from the sale at no additional cost to you This support helps me continue to be able to make video tutorials I hope you will find this useful and rest assured that I only provide the links to products that I use personally and feel comfortable recommending Music Credit Music by IksonNew Day Lights Windy CookieliciousNZ FORTNITECookies Cookiedecorating



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