How To Clean & Smooth Underneath Gel Nails

by The Nail Hub

How To Clean & Smooth Underneath Gel Nails


When you first create sculpted extensions everything appears smooth and clean but what do you do after your natural nail starts to grow out How do you remove dirt debris and get rid of that annoying product lip where the gel meets your nail In this video I show exactly how you can clean out the under side of your gel nails quickly and safely Looking for more how to and product tutorials Check out our other All About videos or view by brand via the links below in the related videos section Purchase This Product If we are sold out of a product don t sweat We usually do after I post a video and it just means it s as good as I say it is and in high demand We restock regularly and you can subscribe to restock notifications on the specific product page to be instantly notified when we do Related Videos FOLLOW THE NAIL HUB HERE SHARE WITH ME WITH thenailhub or tag me thenailhub Contact The Nail Hub sales thenailhub com Thanks for watching Please Subscribe gelextensions undernail cleannails




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