How to Make DIY Rainbow Sprinkles!

by kawaiisweetworld

How to Make DIY Rainbow Sprinkles!


This is an ad for America s Test Kitchen Kids Hellloooo there and welcome back Today we are making some DIY Rainbow Sprinkles that are the perfect topper for donuts cakes cupcakes and any other sweet treat you can imagine This video is also extra special because I m teaming up with America s Test Kitchen Kids to bring you all the recipe America s Test Kitchen is one of my favorite cooking shows so I was super excited to hear about the launch of ATK Kids ATK Kids includes a line of cookbooks and a brand new website with delish recipes fun food themed activities and quizzes too Check it out at www atkkids com and hope you enjoy the video Don t forget to check out America s Test Kitchen s YouTube Channel and Instagram Be sure to share your recreations by tagging me at kawaiisweeteats Snapchat kawaiisweeteatsFTC This video is not sponsoredMusic courtesy of Nicolai Heidlas A Way For Me



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