LADY GAGA Stupid Love Palette REVIEW! OMG! | NikkieTutorials

by NikkieTutorials

LADY GAGA Stupid Love Palette REVIEW! OMG! | NikkieTutorials


After doing Lady Gaga s makeup a couple of months ago I was so excited to see what her next big launch would be so after revealing that her new album Chromatica is dropping later this month she also revealed her STUPID LOVE Eyeshadow Palette Today I m putting the new palette to the test to see if it s any good Enjoy and don t forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE LET S BECOME FRIENDS OTHER VIDEOS YOU CAN CHECK OUT Disclaimer This video is NOT sponsored All thoughts mentioned are my own No affiliate links are used Honesty is key on my channel thank you for supporting me ʕ ᴥ ʔ I love you




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