Rustic Pear Charlotte – Bruno Albouze – THE REAL DEAL

by Bruno Albouze

Rustic Pear Charlotte – Bruno Albouze – THE REAL DEAL


How to turn leftover bread into a stunning cake When taste meets elegance Layers of brioche roasted pears diplomate cream and pear filling Easy and incredibly delicious Rustic Pear Charlotte Recipe Serves 10 For a 8x3 8x20cm cake pan or pastry ring Leftover of brioche king cake crown fouace rosca de reyes panettone bread Do not use stale bread 3 Tbsp 45g butter melted 6 ea pears such as bartlet comice bosk Lemon juice2 star anisSugarAlmond slices Peel and immerse pears in water with a splash of lemon juice Halve each pear core and cut into 3 wedges Save 0 9lb 400g for the pear filling Roasted Pears Stuffing Topping In a hot large frying pan drizzle a bit of oil and sugar and arrange pear wedges and top with more sugar Throw in star anis and sear pear on each side and cook on low until fork tender cooking time depends on pear and ripeness Flambee with some brandy if desired Set aside Pear Puree Filling 2 ea 0 9lb 400g pear wedges3 Tbsp 40g sugar1 tsp 5g lemon juice1 2 tsp 2 5g vanilla paste or extract0 4 ounce 12g gelatine sheets soaked in cold water and drained Cover and cook in the microwave for about 8 min or until done Add gelatin and blend to puree reserve in the refrigerator Diplomate Cream1 8 cup 400g milk0 75 cup 150g sugar5 ea 100g egg yolks1 2 Tbsp 5ml vanilla paste or extract 1 Tbsp 15g corn starch 1 Tbsp 15g flour0 2 ounce 6g gelatine sheets soaked in cold water and drained8 ounces 250g mascarpone8 ounces 250g heavy cream More www brunoskitchen net




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