Sketchbook Doodle: Plants

by Nianiani

Sketchbook Doodle: Plants


Hi guys Today I decided to just paint a sketchbook doodle of the plants that I bought on my short trip When I got these I didn t know anything about them and I m actually still adjusting to it and obviously the plants are also adjusting to the weather here in Jakarta Most of them already changed colour due to the hot weather even though we re in the cool rainy season still at the moment My string of pearls are mostly dead now and the other plants have all turned mostly green instead of the nice pastel colours but I hope they can survive summer in Jakarta and doesn t get burnt by the sun So I m very happy that I actually filmed the plants before they ve all turned colours and some of them wither away lol I hope you guys enjoy this little painting session of mine and don t forget to tag me on ig if you decide to paint your own Happy painting everyone Follow me on skillshare for free 2 months membership Subscribe www youtube com c nianiani Follow me on instagram ig_nianianiTOOLS Brush vtec size 2 Winsor and Newton sceptre gold size 0Paint Pentel WatercoloursPaper Arto 200gsmMUSIC Who Can Say by The 126ersFrom YouTube Audio Library




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