Sweet potato Ball - Thai street food

by Soon Films

Sweet potato Ball - Thai street food


Soon Films is a food channel that introduces delicious street food So far Introducing delicious street food from Korea Japan Taiwan and Southeast Asia I am committed to becoming a global channel to introduce diverse street foods from around the world Thank you for your interest Please watch the growth of Soon Films and join us Thank you Channel URL www youtube com c soonfilmsInquiry mail soonfilms naver com Location and pricing information Ratchada Night Market Bangkok ThailandSweet potato Ball 30 THB 0 98 USD




  • by ひのき猫 511

昨年12月上旬のひのきとひまわりです。 ひまわりが何かをアピールしているように見えます^^ かわいいやり取りをご覧ください♪

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這一兩個月真的飛不停,上週飛了一趟香港工作,趁著工作之餘去香港吃吃逛逛!來了香港好幾次都是工作,這還是第一次有時間去遊街 ~ 這次的Vlog分成上下2集,因為這次有在地人作陪,去了好多地方!怕全部放同一集會太疲勞轟炸 XD

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