What is Haute Couture?

by Zoe Hong

What is Haute Couture?


What is haute couture What is couture Is there a difference between couture and haute couture Who can work in couture How do you get a job in couture What makes couture so special anyway All these questions answered and more all while I sketch some of my favorite pieces from the Spring 2019 couture shows Shop my product recommendations I make a little money but the prices for you remain the same I m a fashion designer and illustrator who worked in the industry and taught in university for many years before my YouTube channel took over my life I love my YT students I make videos about design illustration color theory industry real talk and FAQ fashion business art supply hauls and reviews and I have all my videos organized by playlists I believe hard work and dedication is more important than talent when it comes to having a successful career SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS Help me grow my channel by donating to my Patreon This is my etsy store where I sell flats templates coloring pages fashion figure templates tech pack templates and practice packs Come join our group make friends network with likeminded creatives MENTIONED RELATED VIDEOS CONTACT teaching zoehong com



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