Yummy Zapiekanki and Tacos. Warsaw Street Food, Poland

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Yummy Zapiekanki and Tacos. Warsaw Street Food, Poland


Nocny Market the night street food market in the closed old train station Warszawa Glowna Warsaw PolandThanks for cooperation to Nocne HoryzontyA zapiekanka is an open face sandwich made of half of a baguette or other long roll of bread topped with sautéed white mushrooms cheese and sometimes other ingredients and toasted until the cheese melts Served hot with ketchup it is a popular street food in Poland The Polish word zapiekanka comes from the verb zapiekać which means to bake a dish so that its ingredients combine and a crispy browned crust forms on top and may refer to various casseroles and other foods prepared in this manner A typical zapiekanka is made from one half of a baguette or any other long roll of white bread cut lengthwise as for a submarine sandwich It may be up to 50 centimetres long The bread is topped with sliced sautéed white mushroomsand grated cheese to form an open face sandwich which is then toasted until the bread becomes crisp and the cheese melts Hard mature yellow cheese with high fat content that melts well in heat such as Gouda Edam Emmental Tilsit or Cheddar is best for this purpose Polish smoked sheep milk cheese such as oscypek is also a popular choice A zapiekanka is best served hot The typical garnish is tomato ketchup usually splattered on the cheese in a generous amount warsaw poland polishfood streetfood




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