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Learn CLASSIC CALLIGRAPHYLearn the basic strokes of Calligraphy the easy way Flat Calligraphy brush is used to make thin and thick line combinations The letterings are done by a constant slope of flat brush to achieve the different line weights making a classical styles of letteringThe video contains a tutorial technique to learn the art of basic calligraphy in a classic stroke Learn more about my videos captivating the beauty of naturePAINTING LANDSCAPES GREEN MEADOWSPAINTING LANDSCAPES SUNSET IN THE LAKEPainting a Foggy MountainImpressionist Still Life PaintingHow to paint Hills and ValleysPainting Sepia LandscapeCOOL MOUNTAIN PAINTING




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你好!我決定重做整個視頻,因為我覺得前一個有點令人失望。我的手幾乎佔據了整個視頻並沒有什麼意義可言。感謝那些誰指了出來。 :)無論如何,我會盡我所能在我的未來視頻修我的角度。

Binging with Babish: Meat Torn...

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