Giant Dog Wakes Baby Up Malamute Alarm Clock (Cutest Reaction!!)

by Life with Malamutes

Giant Dog Wakes Baby Up Malamute Alarm Clock (Cutest Reaction!!)


Phil comes in to help wake little Mia after her nap and she s super happy to see him Phil just constantly watches Amelia now and gets really hyper whenever she tries to crawl he s excited for her to start playing back Both Phil and Milo want to stay in the room until I take Mia out and downstairs Well Milo probably wants to claim her crib after she has left A little nursery tour too of Mia s new bedroom where she will soon be spending the nights after we lower her bed she s got big too fast and the mobile hits her head The pets get locked out whenever Mia is sleeping so they are super excited when it s time to wake her up as they haven t seen her for a bit Niko was outside during this video Remember to like share and subscribe if you want to see more of this type of content let us know below Love to all our followers out there xx



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