goddess collection

by Jordan Clark

goddess collection


introducing my new goddess collection inspired by magical mystical stories please note that the printable stickers will only be available for a limited amount of time Misc some affiliate links editing software Adobe Premiere Pro for you airbnb 40 credit www airbnb com c jordanc1823 uber free ride code jordanc16501ue For business inquiries jordan stellaire gmail com Some links may be affiliate links from which I get a small percentage of a sale made through the link Video not sponsored




  • by たこ焼きコロスケ 148

広島県呉市のたこ焼き屋さんコロスケです。 小細工無しというのは、動画編集をしていないということです。 編集されているたこ焼きの動画が多かったので、撮影しました。 食べに来てね! テレビ東京系にて放送中のアニメ「パズドラ」のエンディングを担当させていただきました...

Dog Hugs

  • by The Pet Collective 771

National Hug Your Hound Day 🧒🐶

[新思路]滲透遮瑕膏錫Tooo! ! !其結果是! ?

  • by sasakiasahi 385

我很喜歡“贊”一旦能夠接收和與訂閱你忘了!我們將繼續深入審查遮瑕膏拓是希望一路走好!第一次買化妝品,我遭遇了頑強的承受多大Tteyuu遮瑕膏多。這就是為什麼化妝品遮瑕力拓進化♡已被看到在夢中化妝品聽起來不錯! ! ! !結果是怎麼...! ! ! ?

[프랑스 자수] Lemon Embroidery 11월 ...

  • by Silver Snow 프랑스 자수 38

📚'안녕, 자수' 서적 구매 : http://www.yes24.com/Product/Goods/67479017? 🌸온라인 기초 정규 클래스 : https://hobbyful.co.kr/view-class.html?id=92 🌸202...

Will Ewe Bee Mine?

  • by Mary Corbet 421

Multi-motif alphabets for hand embroidery, with matching borders & frames, available here: www.shop.needlenthread.com - Fun Stitch...