Lychee Iced Tea Granita

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Lychee Iced Tea Granita


Lychee Iced Tea GranitaIt s been a hot few weeks here in Southern California The heat is thick the kind that makes you feel lethargic and makes you lose your appetite I ve been trying to remedy the situation by eating a lot of cold fruits but it s been getting a bit boring so I decided to switch it up and make fruit granitas One of my favorite fruits is lychee however it is quite fleshy and can be heavy on the stomach This simple lychee iced tea granita is packed with that lychee flavor I love and is cool and refreshing without all of that tedious fruit prep Is the summer heat also getting to you Cool down with a cup of lychee iced tea granita Prep Time 5 minutesFreeze Time 6 Hours to OvernightServings 4Ingredients2 bags of Darjeeling tea½ cup of boiling water20 oz can of lychee rinsed and drained1 cup of simple syrupLemon slices for garnishDirectionsSteep darjeeling tea in boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes remove bags Set aside Puree the lychee and pour into a large mixing bowl Stir in darjeeling tea and simple syrup Pour lychee mix into a loaf pan Freeze for at least 6 hours When ready use your ice cream scoop to flake the lychee ice Serve with a garnish of lemon slice Notes If you don t plan on serving immediately flake the frozen lychee iced tea and refreeze until ready Background Music Hella Maker スチャダラパー サマージャム95



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