Huskies Fall In Love With New Baby!! [RUPERT MEETS BABY TOO]

by milperthusky

Huskies Fall In Love With New Baby!! [RUPERT MEETS BABY TOO]


Sooooo hello everyone This is NOT our baby hahaha This is my sisters baby so my nephew lol This is the first time Rupert has met the baby and wow he was an amazing It was so cute to see how calm he was and loved rolling on him to give him cuddles makes me smile so much also Millie No words about her Her maternal instincts always remained it s so beautiful to watch Because she had puppies a while ago it just shows how maternal she really is They are both so gentle and love their new family member The baby kept asking for more kisses hahah was so cute Hope this makes you all smile as much as me Thanks for watching love you all




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夏休みスペシャル!8月は頑張って更新しちゃうよ?! 我がハチュクリちゃんねるで大人気?の、ゼノガマベビーちゃん! 今回は、大好物の果実ゼリーを食べる動画なのですが… なぜか最後まで悶々とし続けることになる動画ですw ぜひ、悶々としてください…???


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