Japans HARRY Hedgehog Cafe - So Cute!

by My BB Bunny

Japans HARRY Hedgehog Cafe - So Cute!


There were several questions regarding the HARRY hedgehog cafe from the hedgehog videos that were uploaded two weeks ago In response to this I m uploading one more video that hopefully gives a better perspective of how it s like inside HARRY and how many hedgehogs roam the premises With two locations in Tokyo the HARRY cafes are filled the cutest hedgehogs you will every find along with people of all stripes seeking to spend some time with these adorable creatures The hedgehogs all seemed to be well cared for and they even had an in house specialist to oversee the handling of these animals The cafe s own description reads HARRY is a place where you can get in touch with cute little Hedgehogs This space is just few min walk from Harajuku station Firstly please feel free to come to just play with them Adorable Hedgehogs are waiting for you If there is hedgehog that captures your heart you can also give them a home Subscribe to my bb bunny for more bunny love Visit the Bunny Shop for the cutest bunny t shirts and more




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