Mini Wedding cake in an EASY BAKE OVEN!

by The Icing Artist

Mini Wedding cake in an EASY BAKE OVEN!


FOLLOW ME Instagram www instagram com icingartistThis week I am attempting something absolutely ridiculous I am making a gourmet three tier wedding cake iced in Italian meringue icing in an easy bake oven Inspired by Bon Appetit s pastry chef attempts series I will be taking the concept of a full size traditional wedding cake with all it s flavor s fillings and details and making a mini wedding cake Each tier of this cake will be a different flavour thanks to Kevin and will have their own filling The first tier will be a lemon zest vanilla bean cake filled with a raspberry cream filling The second tier will be a chocolate salted caramel cake filled with a home made easy caramel recipe The third tier will be very vanilla The entire cake is frosted in a silky smooth frosting and topped with delicate gorgeous diy handmade fondant and gumpaste flowers The best part about this cake is me re living my childhood and baking the entire thing using an easy bake oven HELPFUL VIDEOS Make sure to come back every week for new yummy videos Xo



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