my skincare routine

by tbhstudying

my skincare routine


some tips about buying some of the products for the asian beauty products i typically purchase them from amazon or yesstyle if you use amazon be careful to check the seller s reputation and the reviews to ensure you get the real product and not a counterfeit yesstyle is more reliable in that regard but their shipping takes a long time and amazon is sometimes cheaper peach lily is available only at ulta and on their website and you re more likely to find sales on ulta the ordinary is available from their website and ulta and sephora don t buy this from amazon lol and glossier is only available on their website so don t buy this from amazon either products mentioned note some of these links are affiliate links meaning that i earn a small percentage of sales made via those links but it doesn t cost you anything extra programs used adobe premiere pro after effects photoshop music used 인생의 회전목마 하울의 움직이는 성 플로우뮤직



Hand embroidery. Hula flower ...

  • by Leisha's Galaxy 287

Hand embroidery. Hula flower stitch. Border design. facebook-- In this v...

柴犬と子猫に色んな動物の鳴き声を聞かせてみると‥‥When ...

  • by リキリコとリリリム【R4】 136

柴犬リキとリコ、子猫リリとリムに色々な動物の鳴き声を聞かせてみてどんな反応をしてくれるか、遊んでみました♪ パソコンから、鳴き声を流してます! リキ「ん?ん?何かいるぞ!!」 リキ「みんな!父ちゃん、何かいるよ~~!」 リコ「リキは心配症だなぁ~大丈夫よ~」 ...

Ножнички для хардангера

  • by Юлия Шевчук 529

Мои впечатления от ножничек, которыми пользуюсь при вышивке хардангера. Приятного просмотра)!

매일 직접 뽑는 가래떡 떡볶이 / korean rice...

  • by ETTV 이티티비 23

부산 서면에 가면 먹을수 있는 매일 직접 뽑는 가래떡 떡볶이 - 웅이네 방앗간 서면 CGV 대한점 맞은편에 웅이네 방앗간이 위치해 있습니다. korean rice cake - tteokbokki / korean street food


  • by Pastel Cat World 157

最近ボス吉が猫カフェをベッドとして使うようになってしまったので、段々と壁が「く」の字に曲がって来ました。 もはやいつ倒壊してもおかしくない状態ですが、こうなったら逆にもう、派手に潰して欲しいかも…