That time we lived in an RV - the Arctic Hare - Animal Artists Collective: The Poles

by arleebean

That time we lived in an RV - the Arctic Hare - Animal Artists Collective: The Poles


The original has now SOLD Prints are available at the link above The Animal Artists Collective was founded to provide a platform for emerging artists promote positive messages for animal welfare and conservation and connect artists to their communities The original artwork produced for the Animal Artist Collective is always made available for sale and at least 50 of the proceeds are donated to a non profit animal conservation organization You can be part of the community Join us on Facebook Instagram and or to get to know the artists our conservation efforts and even vote on future themes Participating Artists Unofficial Participation Artists in the community are more than welcome to unofficially participate in AAC themes by either creating their own videos and or simply creating artwork under that month s theme and posting it to social media Tag us directly using animalartistscollective Instagram or animalartistsco twitter and use the hashtag animalartistscollective so that we can see your creations or let us know in the comments below if you ve created a video on YouTube MATERIALS Qor Watercolors I am an Amazon Blick and Jackson s Affiliate and purchasing ANY items using these links will help support this channel at no addition cost to you Thank you Let s connect See the things I m interested in currently You might enjoy them for yourself or it s a good way to gift something to me if you ve ever wanted to do that Please don t feel obligated to do that at all however PO BOX Arleesha YetzerPO Box 127 Hamburg PA 19526 United States




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