weekly vlog: working, cleaning and flat tour

by Fran Meneses

weekly vlog: working, cleaning and flat tour


join me for a week of working weekend cleaning and my living room tour The music challenge I m doing is this one I m currently in 168 PATREONFor behind the scenes into all the projects I m working on RIGHT NOW more sketchbook tours secret Q As podcast newsletter AND illustration club YAAY support my work on Patreon FOLLOW MEALL social media Twitter instagram frannerdPortfolio www frannerd clVIDEO CREDITS Thank you so so much to super Kevin for writing the spanish subtitles We loooove you Keviin All my music is from Epidemic SoundCameraCanon EOS M6 with a 22 lensI use DaVinci Resolve for editing Things you don t know about this video While I was editing this video I noticed I never filmed what Ed does cleaning wise so it looks like I m doing all the work OH NO BABY Ed washes the dishes every day after dinner he s in charge of laundry taking out the trash and recyclables AND he vacuums the whole flat once a week I really hope you liked this video ma nerds I tend to feel self conscious about videos like this cause I don t know if you actually like them I LOVE cleaning videos and spending quiet chill time with people or watching a week in the life but I d love to know how you feel about this one Plans for this weekend laundry Animal Crossing haven t played that much this week pancakes on saturday morning finish Americanah the book I m currently reading and talk to my mum



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