Winter Diva Nails | Flower Nail Art on Faux Herringbone Tweed Nail Design

by Robin Moses Nail Art

Winter Diva Nails | Flower Nail Art on Faux Herringbone Tweed Nail Design


Hello Everyone Today I am sharing a winter design for Divas I did this on long nails but it looks just as lovely on short nails I LOVE this amazing nail look of tweed and flowers and it is so trendy right now It is a faux herringbone nail or plaid nail or tartan nail or tweed nail any warm wool fabric you can think of to paint as a base with a brilliant and bright bouquet of winter floral on top Mix and match colors to suit you no pun intended D haha It is accented with specks of glitter to make it more authentic and then topped with a matte topcoat to give the wool an even more real appearance I wished I had done this a different way AFTER the video so I will be making another Comment if you would like to see it and are feeling this look as much as me As always THIS DESIGN COSTS NOTHING to make Its a small investment at the front and then its just practice so please know I love luxurious products but I do not need them to make a living and have a great time painting nails They are intended to enhance your designs not define them If they define them and you need them to thrive as a nail tech if it ever goes out of style you will really take a hit on your career Learn the cheap basics and you are smooth sailing and it the funnest way Please join me and know that I share all of this with you so you can become successful We need that in our world and I hope you love them as much as me If you collab this or try it please make sure I see see how below Have fun Love Robin Moses Nail Art Wizard Ph D Hail to the N A W Hashtag me inspiredbyrobinmoses when you copy my nailart Add robinmoseswizards teamrobinmoses robinmosessisterhood and find our places Master skills with nailartists learning nails all over the world SHOW ME robinmosesnailart on instagram OTHER PLACES Robin Moses



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