Succulent Leaf Propagation from Start to Finish w/ Sucs for You

by Sucs For You!

Succulent Leaf Propagation from Start to Finish w/ Sucs for You


Demoing with an Echeveria Perle von Nurnberg Answers to most of your questions about propagating succulents by leaf including how to pluck them 02 08 what to do when you see roots and when to water them 04 42 when to remove the new babies from the leaf 06 05 and how to pot them up 08 24 Drop your questions and ideas for future vids in the comments below Future video ideas and comments Please drop them below AboutSucs For You Featuring demonstrations of how to propagate and care for succulents and cacti and other tips on working with these beautiful plants in challenging climates With Andrea Afra based out of Houston Texas Garden Zone 8B 9A Follow me elsewhere




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