BEST Peking Duck in New York! $140 Peking Duck With Caviar?!

by Strictly Dumpling

BEST Peking Duck in New York! $140 Peking Duck With Caviar?!


I LOVE Peking Duck it s one of my all time favorite foods The crispy melt in your mouth skin the amazing juiciness of the meat wrapped up in that chewy thin crepe with fresh veggies and sauce creates a delicious meaty crunchy combo that is unmatched There has been a lot of new restaurants in New York City that has begun serving Peking Duck so I decided to try them out For this video I went to Elaine s Asian Bistro in Long Island DaDong which is a Michelin Starred restaurant from China Decoy and some roast duck from Wah Fung my favorite Chinese BBQ place in New York For some reason the Decoy video footage was lost I really have no idea how that happened but it was just gone Personally I did not enjoy eating there First of all if you want to have the duck it takes some effort You either have to book a reservation which will subject you and everyone you re dining with to a mandatory 75 per person set meal and this could mean up to 5 6 people sharing one duck and for 75 per person that is outrageous If you want to just eat their duck on its own then you have to show up right as they open at 5 and ask if they have an extra one laying around Seriously If they don t then no duck for you For the sake of getting this right I went twice and the first time the duck was not bad skin was mostly crispy and tasty the duck meat was juicy and the sauces they give you are great But the second time the skin was chewy and tough not very consistent So for all the hassle and price I don t recommend this place Da Dong as I mentioned the skin will be the best you ll ever have on a Peking duck EXTREMELY amazing but the duck meat is dry and tasteless Elaine s is my go to Peking Duck place but located a bit outside of the city Here are the locations I went to MORE EXCLUSIVE Content on Instagram FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA Equipment I use for filming My Favorite Cookware Send stuff to our P O Box Mike Chen P O Box 610 Middletown NY 10940 Music by Epidemic Sound Song Dew Vlad GluschenkoMusic promoted by Vlog No Copyright Music



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